Health Foods and Healthy Eating

Health Foods and Healthy Eating

Fibre, Meat, Fats, and Sugar.

Fibre is excellent for digestion.

Best sources of dietary fibre are beans, wheat, cereals, and vegetables and fruits. Dietary fibre works fantastically in our digestive system, maintaining and keeping it in excellent shape.

Meat is perfect for strength

It may not be considered a health food but it provides micronutrients such as calcium, and vitamin B12. Protein that is needed by the body for growing also comes from meat. However, poultry and meat contain fats which are about 33% saturated. A diet that c

ontains saturated fatty acids has positive correlation with cholesterol levels and a negative correlation with the good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

Good fats are healthy fats

The bad ones (the saturated and trans fats) are hazardous to health while the good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats) pose lower risks to health.

Sweets are a delight but they contain sugar which is present in almost all food. Once in a while, most of the people enjoy an extravagant dessert. Sugary treats that are “fat-free” are actually devoid of calories and nutrients. Artificial sweeteners are also not good for one’s health. It is essential that intake of all foods containing sugar and sugar itself must be reduced.

Today, keeping oneself healthy is necessary because of our very busy lifestyles. We are familiar with the saying that

  “Health is Wealth”.

This is true indeed. Health food must be given the top priority by everyone because it matters a lot.


A balanced diet should contain a certain amount of protein

Proper intake of protein has multiple advantages such as increasing stamina & immunity, repairing body cells for an individual, etc. Health foods that are rich in protein are often advisable for body builders & athletes. In order to lose body weight, people prefer diets which contain low carbohydrate and high protein.

The normal daily consumption of protein for men should be 56 grams and 46 grams for women. Health foods and supplements help a person to avoid protein deficiency and gain body mass. Protein deficiency may also lead to muscle atrophy, and improper functioning of the human body.
Supplements provide sufficient protein and contain good amount of fibre also. It improves the absorption of protein and helps in improved digestion.

One should be aware of the fact that excess of anything may cause problems therefore they should consume recommended amounts to remain healthy and fit.

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