Working with young people against knife crime


The Social Media Partnership has been working with young people to tackle the issues of knife crime.

On Wednesday 26th August, we launched an interactive workshop with residents of the charity Trident Reach in Wednesbury. The workshop tackled the issues that young people face, and how we can change the knife culture on our streets, in our community.

The workshop provided an insight in to how lives are affected by the growing issues of knife crime in the Midlands, and how people of all ages and backgrounds are affected. The main objective for the workshop was to develop a poster campaign that would change peoples perception of knife crime, and making people aware of how lives are affected by carrying a weapon.

Andy Pearson from Trident Reach said “The young people that attended the day have noticed that knife crime is an issue around the areas that they live which is why they decided to be more involved in tackling knife crime. This poster is just one of the efforts that they have contributed. The young people have really taken away a sense of achievement and we are hoping to do many more activities like this in the future, and now much more aware of the dangers of carrying a knife.”.

The result was a fantastic hard hitting ’60,000 Lives Lost’ message and poster campaign that will be rolled out through the West Midlands.